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491,313 Garden Design Photos

HOUZZ.COM is a must see.
It is great news that the US based site has now branched out to Europe. 

For gardens, they are a great source of inspiration with over 491,313 Garden Design Photos

"When it comes to homes, a beautiful well designed garden can really be the icing on the cake. However, not everyone has been blessed with the time or space to have a quintessential English garden and especially in these times of urban dwelling, you may have to make the most of limited outdoor space. Whether you have a sprawling lawn, a neat roof terrace or simply a balcony to call your own, it's your opportunity to create you own personal oasis from busy life. The type of garden and landscaping ideas that are appropriate for your garden will depend not just on the size of your space but also on how much time you can invest in maintaining the space. Our garden design ideas range from simple, low maintenance landscaped designs to beautiful plant-laden gardens which will require a little TLC all your round. With the right garden design, your garden can become an extension of your home, offering a space to relax, eat, socialise and play in good weather and, with some careful garden furniture decisions, even during a typical English "summer". More "

September 10, 2014

Maison et Objet 2014: Links to love

The overwhelming impression at the  Maison et Objet fair is that joy is in the air. 
Light, airy, colorful designs are on display.
Pure lines and styles are replaced by crafted combinations of items old and new pretending to be happy accidents.
Tech is here but less than one anticipates. Or, perhaps tech is just less showy, more integrated into the scenery.

If you missed Maison et Objet, here are two articles well worth checking with the help of Google translate.

  • 11 designs for one show 

  • Trends: What Generation G (enerous) is all about:


August 30, 2014

Source book -

As summer comes to an end we are starting to check out ways to stay out for as long as possible!
We recommend hoping over to

The site has a very good selection for all things outdoors including outdoor fireplaces.


August 28, 2014

BULL&STEIN fall/winter 2014/2015‏

Adding a poetic touch to an outdoor space is great but it is not always easy to find fresh designs to achieve this without falling into naff territory!

That is why love designs by BULL& Stein and have done for years now. 

We are pleased to see we are not alone! 
The brand keeps growing and adding designs as well as commercial outlets.

Check them out at:


Borstelmannsweg 145
20537 Hamburg

T +49(0)40.88 30 68 9-0
F +49(0)40.88 30 68 9-19




August 23, 2014

Make it personal with an outdoor yoga deck

Did you know that on average we have lost 5 personal contacts per week in EUROPE over the last 3 decades?

We are getting used to not meeting friends, not talking to shop staff, not hanging out at various venues.

What that actually means is we are used to not sharing moments, not building bridges. Rather sad news!

On the upside, another emerging trend is very cheerful.

It is reported more and more yoga fans are setting up camp at home and organising courses at home.
This is such a great way to connect through joint activities. 

We love the idea of an outdoor yoga deck with a shade sail to protect from sun as well as a light drizzle.

 outdoor yoga deck

August 22, 2014

Feature Ponds - The Next Step for Your Perfect Garden

For a lot of people gardens are the perfect places to go and relax and enjoy a great bit of sunshine.  They are a gateway between the urban environment you live in and the countryside.  Full of nature but also immaculately designed, the grass is cut perfectly and the beds are full of beautiful flowers.  What else could your garden offer you? What could you install that would make your neighbours jealous?  Well, how about a feature pond?

 Feature ponds are the perfect focal point for any garden.  The most important thing is to design carefully.  The pond does not need to be too big that the rest of the beds and lawn disappear, but needs to have enough gravitas in the garden to draw the eye.  Building a pond does not take too much effort as long as you follow some simple rules.  These include sensibly locating the pond, purchasing a pond liner and also having an adequate pond pump and filter.  These are all available from most reputable online pond stores such as Swell UK.  Pond pumps and filters clean the water and keep it regularly circulated to prevent the pond from becoming stagnant.

Garden_pool_in_Filoli,_Woodside,_California (1).jpg

Once your pond is in place you need to look at the surrounding areas.  The pond needs to fit in as naturally as possible; otherwise it will look like a planted swimming pool!  Creating an irregular shaped pond is probably best to get around this, and then to create steps and varying levels in and around the water.  The steps within the water allow the planting of marginal plants.  This provides a neat divide between the deep water and the shoreline.  Great plants for this include different types of rushes; though you do need to make sure that the larger ones are at the back and the smaller ones at the front - you still want to be able to see any deep water plants such as water lilies which are typically low growing.

450px-Iris_sibirica00 (1).jpg


On the shoreline you can choose a variety of methods to integrate with the rest of your garden.  For a more formal layout in the rest of the garden, some nice stones and flags around the edge can provide a distinct edge.  You can then place pots onto the flags to add a burst of colour.  The alternative is to plant up to the water to create the most natural feel for your pond.  Some perfect plants that enjoy the damp soil around a pond are hostas and hemerocallis.  Hostas are perfect leafy plants that come in a variety of sizes from mini to giant.  Some decent size ones will look great next to the pond.  Ferns can also be a great addition, though they will need regular digging up to prevent too much spread to the rest of the garden.  For the sunnier side of the pond grasses and irises are perfect.  With the many varieties available you can find most sizes, and most will bush out enough to not look like there are any gaps.

 800px-Garden_ponds_in_Belarus (1).JPG

It is important to keep the pond pump and filter out of sight, and also any wires.  Wires can be buried in the soil or under grass between your power source and the pond pump and filter.  The filter and pump cannot be buried but you can place flags around them and over the top, or you can plant next to them. You need to make sure they are still accessible for maintenance or if there is a fault, and you need to ensure that any plants do not hinder the air and water circulation with their foliage.


Feature ponds make the perfect addition to your garden and you can theme them in any way you choose.  Some popular themes are Japanese or English country garden.  With the right planting a water feature can be the crowning glory in your garden and the envy of your neighbours.

800px-Fr_Evian_Japanese_garden_-_lantern (1).jpg







August 19, 2014

JardinChic.Net : the one stop shop for outdoor designs

Enjoying the outdoors

Jardin Chic is becoming the Net-à-Porter of outdoor design. The site offers the best in class for outdoor designs, from furniture to gifts.

Recent additions to their curated selection, include the new collection of outdoor pots, Alba by Serralunga.
These pots start at 516 euros and can be found at:

The site describes the design as follows:

The Pot Alba 393 in Serralunga, is a signed Massimiliano Adami.Alba pots are manufactured by rotomolding and their edge is carved by hand. It is during this artisanal finish each pot draws all its originality with unique shades of colors and shape. These resistant ultra Alba pots are suitable for indoor as outdoor use. Combining a surprising design and exceptional quality, Alba has all the qualities required for a stylish and reliable use. Alba is available in two-tone or tricolor, you then have the choice between 3 color variations. Create you a natural, colourful and innovative mood with this pot with a capacity of 170L Alba. You can also find the unique design of the Alba collection with the Alba 130 Lamppost Alba pot and the Suspension Alba.

#design #Alba #Serralunga

Alba from Serralunga.jpg

August 18, 2014

Healthy garden, happy garden

Gardens have become a very important part of the design and style of any home. For many homebuyers, the exterior grounds of a house are a pivotal characteristic determining whether or not they would like to make the purchase.  Outdoor areas are used for gardening and grilling, recreation and relaxation, and the range of designs for these outdoor spaces are nearly limitless.

Half of the enjoyment of having an outdoor garden space for the family is cultivating and maintaining it, but for those without a green thumb or handyman's instincts, maintaining these outdoor spaces can be a hurdle and, in some cases, gardens can quickly fall into disrepair. Making the effort to do some research and brushing up on some outdoor maintenance basics will give a homeowner the tools they need to keep their outdoor space healthy and safe.

Common garden maintenance issues

The first area of a home's garden that will be noticed and appreciated is the lawn. This area may be small and intimate or quite expansive, depending on the size of the home. Regardless of the size, a beautiful lawn rarely comes naturally; it has to be cultivated and fertilized to keep it free from weeds and disease as well as being trimmed and groomed to keep it looking good. Though professional landscapers may be hired to maintain a lawn, most people can take the necessary steps to take care of their lawn and keep it healthy and attractive. Serious weed issues may be addressed with specialized herbicides, or a weed-and-feed mixture may be used to accomplish two steps at once.

Weeds are a major problem for any gardener, especially in cultivated beds, and whether these beds are planted with flowers or herbs, keeping them clear of weeds and other plant debris will help them grow to their full potential. Making sure cultivated beds are weed free will not only keep them looking fresh but it will also allow the plants to get the water and air to their roots that they need to stay strong and grow successfully. This will also help to keep burrowing pests away that could damage root systems and kill plants.

Speaking of pests, keeping mosquitoes, beetles, snails, slugs and other types of garden pests away begins with proper maintenance. In addition to cleaning up plant debris, weeding and using pest repellants as needed, another important deterrent to pests is proper drainage. Standing water creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes, as well as molds and fungus. Standing water may also lead to dangerous conditions such as wood rot if the water is in contact with the house or other exterior structures.

Large elements in the outdoor garden area, including trees, hedges and bushes, as well as fences and trellises, all need to be properly maintained and sturdily anchored. Trees, hedges and bushes should be pruned seasonally and kept properly trimmed for safety. Ensure that all fences and trellises are well secured and safely positioned.

Finally, the outdoor space of any home includes the exterior of the home itself. Properly maintaining the exterior of the home - keeping gutters and downspouts clean, ensuring proper drainage away from the home, cleaning and maintaining the painted, stucco or brick exterior, etc. - will make the entire property healthier and the garden area a happier place for the entire family.

Maintaining your own garden

Maintaining a home garden area is a great opportunity to get the kids involved by teaching them practical skills about gardening and construction, as well as getting them outdoors in the fresh air and keeping them active. Spending even one hour a day outdoors working in the garden can make a huge difference in the health and wellbeing of a child. In addition, the act of creating and perfecting a family's outdoor space is a great bonding occasion for all.

Most of the gardening and construction that is required to maintain a family garden can be easily done by even the inexperienced; with so much material available through books and online reference sites, homeowners can quickly find the answers they need to fix whatever problems they encounter.

For some problems, however, professional help may need to be called in. Large infestations of pests, such as termites or stinging insects, may require extermination in order to destroy the colony and eliminate the threat or further damage. Also, some cleaning and maintenance issues, such as gutter cleaning, may be best done by professionals with the necessary equipment and skill.

Cultivating a happy garden

Spending time in the garden or outdoor space is one of the great advantages of owning one's own home. Enjoying those happy times in the garden begin with cultivating and maintaining a healthy environment, one free of pests and safety hazards, one that brings out the best in the plants and structures that are part of the design and, in the process, brings out the best in the family that enjoys it.

August 17, 2014

End of summer must haves: plaids and throws

Enjoying the outdoors

The 15 th of August is very much a pivotal point in summer.
The good news is that chillier evenings provide a great excuse to indulge in some shopping to stay warm and romantic: candles, scents, storm lights, plaids and throws.

Plaids and throws ideas:

At the high-end, you could go for a Hermès wrap, but let us put that on a wish list as they cost over 2000 GBP.

Hermès wrap.jpg

Slightly more affordable selections include designs by Missoni Home.
Prices range from 200 to the 700 GBP mark.

designs by Missoni.jpg

Really affordable tempations include the 85 GBP Kissing stags - also at Amara.

August 16, 2014

Design Discount

We are now less than 20 Fridays away from Christmas. 
(Full disclosure: feeling a little bad breaking this news to you! You are almost certainly surprised to realize the gift season will be upon us so soon.)

For outdoor gifts such as shawls, trays, poufs, chairs and more... check out Yoox.

The online store is well known for fashion but it is also a very well curated selection of home decor designs and books.

Yoox is really worth a visit for designer options at very desirable prices:

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